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ROE Project Management

We make your project a success

ROE solutions offers all basic project/portfolio services and adheres to all best practices of project management (PM). However, we pride ourselves on employing a unique approach to PM to assure your projects are finalized with expected results per scope & requirements within budget and on time. We combine PM expertise, Re/insurance subject matter expertise and BA skillsets to add value, ranging from independently managing enterprise-wide programs to contributing on a department level ’mini-projects’.

Project review/Audit

As we all have experienced, many projects are not running as planned and finding the reason(s) can often seem like a game of hot potato. We offer to perform an expedited, yet thorough, review for very competitive prices and will propose a way forward. Money well invested at this stage of a struggling project will easily pay for itself by avoiding more leakage and missed deliverables (e.g. scope, budget etc.) 

Custom Solutions

Our services are tailored to your needs and are designed to establish a long-term relationship with your company. We offer part-time project management in any size and on any seniority level.

Project acceleration & Budget Control

With our PM audit services but also within our day to day PM services we assure your projects are running as fast as possible and that your run rate is being kept under control.

Skills accumulation

Our PM’s are not only experienced in project management but also in Business Analysis and most importantly in re/insurance (all main functions). Therefore, we are able to provide higher value and expedite many of the project tasks. Our PM’s go beyond just tracking tasks; they are familiar with both the business and IT “languages” and serve as a multipurpose PM and BA that build bridges between the two parties. 


PM Framework

We have successfully participated in many projects with clients who actually did not have a project management framework. Running large scale projects without enforcing a basic framework can, and likely will, lead to cost overrun, bad execution and demotivated IT and business teams. We can help to setup a basic framework which will have a long-term impact on your organization and allow for greater success for all future projects.


We believe in transparency, upfront and often. Pricing for our project managers is set-forth below:

Junior Project Coordinator - $110/hr
Project Manager - $165/hr
Senior Project/Program Manager - $225/hr

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